Case Study 6

Right from the start - When Mr N came to Skills Tank he presented severely challenging behaviour which frequently included damaging his own personal property.  He would get agitated in taxis or in crowded places; he was often anxious and would spit a lot.  At times he would bang doors and rip down curtains.

The staff at Skills Tank worked with Mr N in terms of altering his behaviour, improving his social skills and gaining independence.  He was made aware that his behaviours could make him incredibly vulnerable in public and staff understood he had a need to display these behaviours so they supported him to understand he needed to do this in private where he would not be vulnerable.

Gradually progress started - He learned that if he wanted to be with other students in the main room he would need to use the training he’d been given.  Over time, Mr N has become less nervous and his difficult behaviour has reduced drastically to 10 - 15 minutes per day.

With this change in behaviour, the staff felt that Mr N, using the same gradual awareness, confidence and support techniques could be introduced to travelling on the mini bus. Mr N began going for very short rides, these getting gradually longer and longer until he eventually started to use the mini bus to travel to and from Skills Tank.

Mr N has adhered to these changes exceptionally well and continues to achieve more and more social skills.  He’s become more involved with his fellow students and the staff, smiling a lot more, observing the group and now eats his lunch with other students.

And now - Mr N, works closely with staff, enjoying group activities - previously he didn’t look for any social interaction.  He takes part in one to one behaviour sessions where he’s learnt about group interaction.  He now participates in car washing, litter picking, cooking, art classes, sports, sensory sessions, outdoor trips, he really enjoys going shopping.  He’s now included in different cultural events and parties at Skills Tank, which he enjoys immensely.

Mr N responds well to the boundaries and clear structure at Skills Tank and he has proved he is able to settle in and join other students in activities. He receives lots of comfort and understanding from the staff. The non judgemental approach and safe environment at Skills Tank has helped him to progress and learn to trust. His biggest achievements are, reducing his severely challenging behaviour and participating in a group.

Overall, he’s made remarkable progress.  He is more independent and is able to take part in the community; he enjoys being around people, going shopping and walking to the park to feed the ducks.

His family are happy with his improvements since he began attending Skills Tank. His mother is having more time for herself by going out for other activities on the days Mr N comes to Skills Tank.  With less damage to his personal property the amount of money spent on replacing it has been greatly reduced!

Please note: we change all names to protect the individual’s privacy.