Case Study 7

To begin with - Mr H presented inappropriate behaviour towards others.   He would be highly demanding and attention seeking.   His behaviour would include: swearing, punching, grabbing, hitting out, banging and hugging people, refusing to work or listen to the staff.

The Skills Tank staff began to work with Mr H by putting behavioural boundaries into his daily routine.   Mr H was made aware of appropriate behaviour through easy to understand picture cards showing rules of interpersonal communication.

Mr H started to participate in highly interactive behaviour games where he learned the difference between good and bad behaviour.   He participated in quizzes and memory training.  This helped him understand the importance of appropriate behaviour.   The staff involved him in both one to one and group role plays where he practiced problem solving, this enabled him to better control his anger outbursts.

Very quickly - The lessons at Skills Tank helped Mr H to realise some of his behaviours and he soon became very good at finding solutions to problems which were shown in the role plays. Mr H also joined meditation sessions which helped him to relax and learn strategies for managing his emotions.  Mr H learned that he needed to be kind to all staff at Skills Tank and members of the community as well as his family.

Building on these early foundations - Mr H engaged in gardening, housekeeping, personal care, art and craft as well as car washing sessions, where he had the chance to practice social skills such as working with other people, waiting, helping, shaking hands and greeting people appropriately.   Mr H was also encouraged to participate in the community through going on educational and leisure trips to various places in Birmingham.

“Skills Tank has had a positive impact on Mr H’s life.  ” He’s gained more independence and confidence skills which have resulted in better behaviour towards staff at Skills Tank and his family.   Mr H is now aware of his strengths and weaknesses; this helps him to tell others what he likes and voice his concerns in a polite manner.   He enjoys participating in activities that he knows he is good at and his confidence increases every time he helps someone or when he’s praised for his good behaviour.

Mr H now understands boundaries and rules of appropriate behaviour and he shows willingness to work with staff on improving his behaviour and gaining more social skills.   He can now differentiate between right and wrong, and often comes with valuable suggestions and helps during teaching.   A big change in a relatively short period of time!  Mr H’s progression has led to him being kind to all staff at Skills Tank, members of the community and his family.

Mr H’s family are very happy with the progress and the skills he has developed since joining the Skills Tank. His sister who normally looked after him at home said, they are now able to take Mr H for shopping at major shops like ASDA, TESCO etc. He interacts well in the community, and his parents are now having more time to socialise. He is also applying the skills he learnt from the Skills Tank by constantly washing his sister's car!

Please note: we change all names to protect the individual’s privacy.