How we help adults who learn differently

Here’s how we help, but first may I share part of a parent’s letter with you?

“Having been in residential care for most of his life we never thought that ‘Skills Tank’ could provide so much change to a person who could not be taken shopping, had no social skills, suffered from severely challenging behaviour and was totally socially excluded.

We are now able to take Brendan shopping on his own and in company without the difficulties that used to exclude him.  He can’t wait to go out to ‘Skills Tank’ in the morning, he arrives home happy and pleased with himself, especially after sporting activities, and he’s very proud of his achievements.”

Care FirstEmpowering people and improving lives is what Skills Tank is all about but not only our student’s lives but your life, as a carer, too. Just imagine the positive impact of reducing challenging behaviour, of greater family interaction and reducing medication. Now add in fewer sleepless nights and more ‘you’ time – that’s what happens for carers/parents like you who have the adults they care for attending ‘Skills Tank’.

We can help you and the adult(s) you care for in many ways as we work closely with social care and health professionals who have a wide range of specialisms including; community nursing, speech and language therapy, behavioural nursing, psychology, and psychiatry. With working partnerships in place with many charities and organisations such as Mencap and Advocacy Services there is also the probability we can signpost you to the correct people to help resolve some of the challenges you face.

Just how do we do it? In brief, we use an exciting, practical and wide ranging curriculum containing variety, we are able to enhance ‘Skills for Life’ for people who learn differently. The curriculum we use will be person centred, to ensure its suitability to the personal needs of the adult you care for and to encourage enjoyment for learning through a variety of proven teaching and learning methods.

Our key objective is to encourage the learner to enjoy the learning process and grow in confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to grow at their own pace and feel comfortable whilst doing so. The emphasis is on enjoyment and not pressure to learn.

Come along and talk to us, see what we provide and share your knowledge and feelings with us, bring along the adults you care for, meet the team, see what we do and experience at first hand a day at Skills Tank. Speak to one of our helpful friendly support team on 0121-308-6555 to see if we can help you and to book your free trial session.